A time for goodbye

26 Dec

Two years ago I began this blog to keep myself writing, I told myself. That wasn’t entirely true. Looking back on it, I see that this blog was about much more than that. When I first started writing here, I had recently gone through the most painful experience of my life: heartbreak. The posts I wrote shortly after that were ways to explore feelings I never before felt: love, heart break, loss. I needed an outlet. The posts I continued to write continued to be about, for the most part, those same themes. I’ve come a long way since those beginning posts. I read through some of them recently, and I knew I couldn’t produce anything like those again. They flowed from my pain, and amazingly, some of them I consider good pieces of writing. Some of the best, in fact. To that I say this: Good comes out of bad, even if we cannot see how during the throws of it. I didn’t at the time know how I could live in a world where the person I loved didn’t love me back. I hated myself for a long time, hated that I couldn’t be the person he wanted. “If only…” I though so many times, “If only I were different, he would have wanted me.” It would be too simple to say I’m stronger now for that experience. In a way, I still feel broken. The fracture line is still there, and still hurts sometimes, but now I know my great capacity for healing. I know that it can feel like someone’s twisting my stomach, and I still get up in the morning and not only go to work but do a good job. I know that each month I can think about someone I love a little bit less until one day I go to bed and night and realize I hadn’t thought once about him. Slowly as the memories fade so too does the pain. One day you wake up and know the scars are there, because you still see them, but you know that you’re healed. That day is here. My posts no longer deal with the same themes they once did. For that I’m grateful. And thought it was worth noting.

I also thought it’s time to start a new Blog, one that’s more focused, that deals with different themes. So I did. I will no longer be posting to this Blog. I will however, be posting to www.storiesfromreallife.wordpress.com. The name says it all. I plan to write about real stories from real life, as the best stories are those that are true. I look forward to writing about interesting people and places I discover in this journey called life. Thanks to those who have read this Blog and commented over years (mainly Grayquill) and even to those anonymous readers. It truly has been fun.


One Response to “A time for goodbye”

  1. Grayquill December 26, 2011 at 8:27 pm #

    Very nice…Thank you for the kind words. I think your new blog will be filled with fun and great reading. Keep at it – you are for sure a great writer. GQ

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