15 Nov

I’m all moved into my new apartment. The first few nights it took awhile to fall asleep. I lay in bed waiting to hear all the familiar
noises, the floor squeaking, people talking, bathroom faucet running, dogs panting and snuffling in the blankets. All the noises I thought I could fall asleep better without. But now that they’re gone, I realize they became what I could fall asleep to, became, in a way, comforting. And in a strange sort of way, I missed them and wished they’d return, just until I get used to this new place. So now it’s silent, except for the hum of electricity, the whirr of the small space heater and the padding of my own feet on the ground. My mom says I should get a fish, or a plant, just to have something living in this small space. I agree. It feels too still and quiet otherwise. When I put a cup on the counter, it stays there unless I move it. Before, nothing stayed where I left it. It inevitably got shuffled somewhere else. It’s strange, to leave something somewhere and, upon returning, have it remain. I like it, but it just takes getting used to. I guess I’m used to noise, to people moving my things, to friendly clutter, and now, without it, I feel a little disoriented. It’s perfectly pleasant where I am now—I love it, in fact—it’s just I never thought I’d be missing so badly the things I do. Everything, even the best things, take adjusting to.


One Response to “sleep”

  1. Choco November 23, 2011 at 2:43 am #

    Not everyone can put thoughts, a day, into words and make it enjoyable to read. Lovely.

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