Internet: I love it. I hate it.

6 Jul

I wonder about the Internet sometimes, and how it affects me. It pulls me in a zillion directions, and it’s hard to focus long on one thing. I love it sometimes, and sometimes I hate it. I like that it connects me with the world at any time and place, and yet this connection I also at times want to cut. I wish that I could curl up by the fire some dark, cold evening and real a novel like War and Peace for hours, nonstop. Yet somehow I don’t feel that I could. If I were living in the 1800s, say, I could do it no problem. I’d be entertained, no question. Abosrbed. Intrigued. Yet now, I know that I’d feel this urge to quit reading, to do something quicker like perhaps hop online and read the New York Times or go on Facebook or do any number of things that didn’t require a long, unbroken stretch of concentration. I still love reading, always will, it’s just that now, I feel I’ve been changed in some fundamental way, in the way I concentrate, and I fear I may never go back. It’s kind of cool, I suppose, that I can remember pre-Internet days, before it was popular, and then when it exploded. Few are able to experience that. Yet sometimes—even with everything amazing the Internet is doing—I wish that I could turn the clocks back to seventh grade, before instant messaging, when I wrote friends letters. I also wish I could go back to when the word newspaper wasn’t always followed by some variation of the word death.


One Response to “Internet: I love it. I hate it.”

  1. Grayquill July 11, 2011 at 4:51 am #

    I am in the printing business-I relate to the topic ending with death or at least cut back.
    I have also noticed that my concentration is not as tolerant or as steadfast as it was twenty years ago. Ho hum… I guess that’s progress.

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