Something that made me cry

9 Jan

I only once saw something so beautiful that I began crying. That is the rain forest, in Puerto Rico. I usually only cry when I’m terribly sad. Most people do. But, sometimes we also cry tears of joy. Those tears, which weren’t weepy, more like a trickle, fell not so much because of joy, but because of beauty, of pure aesthetic pleasure. And in this I also felt God’s presence. I truly had never encountered anything so incredible as the rain forest. To know such a place exists, not because you’ve read about it in a book but because you see, smell, feel and taste it, is somewhat bewildering, overwhelming in the moment. I cried because I was actually there, that is was so stunningly gorgeous and that in a few hours, I would have to leave. In the meantime, I tried to make my brain wrap around every scent, every leaf and color. I sadly knew though that it wouldn’t stick. The memories of it would get sifted out to make room for new ones. I would be left with something dull and battered about. The rain forest has floated away, as it seems to float alone on a mountain top, surrounded by clouds. I cannot not easily recall what it was except the beauty of it that made me cry. I can no longer see the leaves, or smell the wet earth stretching for miles. I have snap shots, one frame, that moves about like a pitching sea.


One Response to “Something that made me cry”

  1. Grayquill January 9, 2011 at 5:42 am #

    I have been to the Olympic Rain Forest; also in the Cascade Mountains (mostly along the river bottoms) there are places that have the long hanging moss as a rain forest would have. The smell I think is decay, mold, and fungus…sounds bad, but smells pretty pretty good. 🙂 But it didn’t make me cry – of course me an Chuck Morris are friends.

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