Farwell to Pop

5 Jan

Dear pop,

We’ve been together a long time. I remember having you at childhood birthday parties—and loving your sweet, tingly taste. As I grew older, you were still a treat, not something I had every day, only once in a great while—mostly at parties. So I associated you with fun times. Then I went to college, where you were abundant, falling like an waterfall in the Amazon from the fountain in the cafeteria. I saw kids drink you for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Mountain Dew was popular for breakfast, even more so than coffee or tea. You often left a green film on their teeth afterwards, where it stayed until bed time, when they brushed their teeth in horror. I never craved you that bad. I had you with lots of ice just for dinner, to savor your sweet taste. But still, I came to think of even that as too much. One year my roommate—not a Catholic—decided to observe Lent, and give something up. I did, too. It was you, pop. I went for many weeks without you. And every time I approached the fountain, I quavered a moment before choosing water not pop. Soon it became natural, though. And I gave you up for good, the reason being my health. You slowly crept back a few years later, while at work. I heard other people chinking change in the machine that holds you and opening you with a snapping sound, followed by a satisfying sip. Never again, I told myself. But then one day I did. I jingled the change, listened to the low rumbling, snapped the top open—and sipped. How tingly and sweet! Like I was a kid again. And I began having you, about twice a week. Maybe three. It’s hard to say this, pop—but I’m now addicted to you. Which is why I must leave a second time, this time for good. I’m sure you’ll find plenty more people who love you for who you are. But, not me. You’re bad for me. Your sugar and carbonation wear little holes in my teeth and belly. It’s been fun, though. And what we had was real. But it’s goodbye for good. I’ll always love you. I just cannot be with you anymore.

With Love,



One Response to “Farwell to Pop”

  1. Grayquill January 6, 2011 at 6:19 am #

    You write way to well. It is sure fun to read.
    Good stuff.

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