Gut instinct: Go with it

24 Dec

For a long time I’ve wanted an overstuffed chair. Nothing fancy. Just the kind I can curl up in and read. There is one important criteria: it most be cozy. I am a firm believer in coziness, especially while reading. Every serious reader needs a place to read, and everyone has theirs, whether it’s on a bed, a chair or maybe even on the floor. I mostly read in bed, but I’ve always thought how nice it would be to have a big comfy reading chair. Now that I have my lovely new room all to myself, I have somewhere to put it, right in the corner.

So the hunt began perhaps six months ago. I began with a budget: under $400. Maybe that sounds like a lot, but for the kind of chair I’m looking for, it’s not. I began at the big department stores, JC Penney, Macys. I perused the chairs. I looked at the tags that indicated numbers nearing $1,000 and knew I was way out of my furniture league. So then I began looking at discount stores. My favorite is TJ Max. Every week or so I’d stop and check the chairs because they regularly get new ones. I saw one I liked, but it was too much. I didn’t want to break budget. A few weeks later I again saw one there that I liked. And at $300, it was within budget.

I brought second opinions, namely, my parents. There were two chairs that happened to be next to one another, both the exact same styles but different colors. My mom looked at the whiteish one (that I liked) and then to the brown one next to it (that I didn’t like).

“That (the brown one) will make a bolder statement,” she said.

Because my room is mostly yellows and greens, she felt it would balance the frothiness.

“And that one won’t show the dirt,” my dad chimed in.

“And look,” my mom pointed to the pattern on the chair. “It’s got yellow and green in it, so it will match your room.”

When I said that it also had red in it, a color totally absent from my room, my mom shrugged her shoulders.

“So get a red pillow.”

Before I knew what had happened, my parents talked me into the brown chair. I absolutely agreed about the brown not showing the dirt and the bolder statement theory. I looked at the salesperson and proudly said, “I’ll take it.” I said it like you might say it to a real estate person when you decide to buy a two million dollar home. Instead, I said it to a pimply teenager with shaggy hair who looked at me like, “Um, people do this all the time, you know?”

No matter. I wouldn’t let anyone dampen my first big furniture purchase enthusiasm. I felt very grown-upish. Up until now all furniture was for my dorm room and had that cheap rickety “I might get you through next semester but that’s it” look to it. But a solid life needs solid furniture, you know? This was a turning point for me, buying the chair.

We brought it home. My dad and I heaved it up the stairs. We had to take the door off my room to fit it in. We situated it in the corner where I envisioned it and wiped the sweat from our brows before stepping back to appraise. I cocked my head to one side, then the other. My dad did the same. Neither said what the other thought: “It doesn’t work.” It looked huge, for one. Secondly, the fallish colors swirling through it clashed not a ton with the room but just enough to make it not exactly great.

We returned it that night. The point of this, reader, is to go with your gut instinct. It’s usually correct. I should have gotten the white chair, and if I had, saved myself so much hassle. For a long and fascinating account of the phenomenon of the gut instinct, I recommend Malcom Gladwell’s book “Blink,” also the author of the “Tipping Point.”


2 Responses to “Gut instinct: Go with it”

  1. Grayquill December 24, 2010 at 7:07 pm #

    I wish I could have been inside your dad’s head and heard his thoughts and known his emotions when you told him it had to go back. I have pretty good idea what they were. I do agree….trust your gut. Second, don’t ask for advice unless you need it. Third, when living on an upper floor, find a place with an elevator. Fourth, hmmmm….I guess I don’t have a fourth but I do have a fifth; good job staying within budget – take it from a dad, you made dad proud.

  2. Büro Mobilya December 25, 2010 at 2:16 pm #

    Thank You Man 🙂

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