Random? I think so.

19 Nov

One of the coolest things I imagine a person can do for a living is to be a travel writer, to travel to awesome places for free and then write about them. What could be better? Not much. But I’m sure there aren’t as many travel writers out there, as newspapers and magazines are cutting staff. Sometimes I think it would be neat to write for a foreign paper for awhile, but then I realize I only know one language, and that’s English. They usually want people who speak both English and their language. So for now, I’m content writing about my little corners of Buffalo, all the little places and people few would otherwise know about but who did awesome things, like graduate from high school despite being blind and others, who started organizations to help the homeless. There’s so many stories out there about people doing incredible things, sometimes in our own backyards. And that’s why community newspapers exist, to write about those people. The paper may be small, but we make up for it in heart.


One Response to “Random? I think so.”

  1. Grayquill November 20, 2010 at 3:51 pm #

    Nice post! – I know Buffolo is no small town but your post for some reason made me think about small town newspapers. When I go to a small town, I always look up the local paper and enjoy reading about a less hectic life.
    Stories lie you mentioned in your post, of the human struggle and extrodinary feats are inspiring and worth telling. In a world where very little good news is heard. I think a positive voice can make a big difference.
    Keep at it!

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