My love affair with Wegmans

12 Nov

I made the mistake today. I went into Wegmas hungry. Famished, actually. So naturally I came out with the weirdest items, like a jar of pickles, vanilla ice-cream, whipped cream, peanuts, sesame crackers and Altoids. And I was supposed to only get crackers. I guess everything, especially weird things, started looking yummy. Going into Wegmans is one of my favorite things. It’s one of the reasons I love Buffalo so much as I do, along with many other reasons. To enter Wegmas is to lose yourself in a glamorous food world where anything but doubt is possible. The food is so pretty that of course you could cook that meal you’ve always been wanting to make. Food this nice practically cooks itself! Of course you need that fresh loaf of bread so convenient and close that it all but jumps right into the cart. And cheese. You know you shouldn’t. But there so many kinds. If you don’t buy some, who will? Cheese needs a good home. And so on and so on. You get the picture. Wegmans makes everything so pretty and easy and pleasant. It’s really like losing yourself in another world, until you reach check out. Reality then bites.


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