libraries, coffee and sunsets

29 Sep

I’m finishing Seabiscuit, and it’s sad. I don’t want it to end. But on a brighter note, I just got back from library. I went up to the desk and asked the circulation worker if she could look up an author for me. She could. She looked up Graham Greene, nothing, except at the down town library. She could order it for me though, which would take a few days. So she did, only one of his books. Then she looked up Into Thin Air by John Krackauer (Sp.?) Nothing, except in the down town library. Great. In a perfect world, every library I went into would have the books I’m looking for. In the meantime, I’m glad for such inventions as the interlibrary loan. And even though it rarely has what I want, I’m grateful for my little Kenmore library. The staff is friendly, and they always help. Though I struck out on my first two authors, they did have the third: Anne Lamott. A whole section of her, in fact. A wonderful lady led me straight through the stacks into a hidden little section I would never have otherwise found, even armed with a slip of paper with the call number scrawled onto it, and also found me a biography and work of fiction. I used to work in a library, and I never minded showing people where books were, because that’s why I was there. I imagine that’s how she felt. So I left happy with arms full of Anne Lamott, and I renewed “A Walk in the Woods” so my dad can read it, too.

So today is National Coffee Day. Surprise! I didn’t know this until listening to a morning radio show, and they mentioned it. I didn’t know someone decided to devote a whole day to celebrating coffee. I’m not sure how or when this commemoration began, but I like the idea and whoever came up with it. A day without coffee is not a good day at all. Every morning, I brew a pot of it in my little four cup coffee maker left-over from college. It keeps me awake. And sane. And productive. I devote night time, however, to decaf tea.

P.S. Fall has the best sunsets. I’m not sure why, but they just are. If you haven’t noticed them yet, try to. You’ll be glad you did. A lovely one just ended outside my window.


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