Berry-picking on Sunday

23 Aug

(blackberries. Yum!)

Today I picked blackberries and blueberries at Faun Lake.

I wasn’t going to go to the lake at all. I woke to rain pattering the roof. But it cleared by the time I finished breakfast. So I packed everything into my car, everything being my purse and my large poodle, Kody, who rode in the backseat, and drove the hour-long drive to the lake. I began picking with an empty tin pail, and by the time my family and I finished, it was full with dark raspberries and periwinkle blueberries. Even Kody ate berries. He delicately nibbled on the bushes with his front teeth. I didn’t think dogs liked berries? He also rampaged through the prickly brush, slid down an incline and walked over and sniffed the top of a beaver dam.

Mom made two pies with the harvest. First she made home made crust and then filled them to heaping with the dark berries. On top of each slice went a dollop of freshly whipped heavy cream. The flaky crust combined with berries picked off the vine that afternoon with the soft cream was like tasting summer. My large right toe has a nasty scrape from rummaging through the prickly bushes, but that’s nothing compared to last summer, when I went picking in shorts and a tank top. I emerged looking like I got in a fight with a cat. But even then, the wounds were worth it. Mom’s pie is always worth it.

 Tuesday I leave for a week-long vacation, to Florida. I can hardly wait.


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