Bring on the snow. Bring on the ice. I cannot handle this.

15 Aug

Why I can never live anywhere perpetually hot.

This summer convinced me that I can live nowhere else but in the north, where there are four solid seasons and chill temperatures.

Every day it’s been hot, like 90 degree hot, for what seems like weeks. As a girl who grew up in Buffalo, N.Y., which has a reputation for snow, this is unbearable. I’m always sweaty, except at work where there is air-conditioning (phew!). I’m sticky. Clothing uncomfortably clings. It even makes me cranky. This year I bought a new car. Well, new for me means that it’s a 10-year-old used car. The air-conditioning in it is broken. Every time I enter it, I must breathe the hot, nasty air. It feels like sucking on a hot blanket. The only way I’ve survived this summer is by keeping cold water constantly handy, especially when I’m in the car. It’s like my portable oxygen tank.

I imagine people who live in places like Arizona, where the temperatures exceed 100 degrees, must acclimate somewhat. Or else how could they survive? But even still, I doubt I’d be able to do the same. For so long I’ve lived where snow falls. I’m thick-blooded. Out west has “dry heat” sure, but it still must feel extraordinarily hot. Florida is a different kind of heat. Humid heat. Every day would be like stepping into a hot shower. Yuck.

Vacations are different. I’d gladly ditch the ice for a few weeks spent in the Caribbean, as long as I know I’m going home soon.

If there were any doubts in my mind about living in the north, this past summer has smashed them to bits, thanks to the record-breaking temperatures. I cannot imagine if it were like this year-round. No thank you. I am a northern girl through and through. Bring on the snow. Bring on the ice. Bring on the blizzards. I’ll take them any day over this.

Yesterday I stepped on a crunchy leaf. Fall cannot be too far off. I hope.



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