Against all Odds

16 Jul

I sometimes still miss

When I know I shouldn’t–

When I no longer have the strength

To Remember I’m supposed to forget.

Against all odds,

I hear his face and see his voice–

Stronger than anything else,

And it makes me want to stop


Just to make it come back alive

If even for a few moments.

I relive everything,

As real and red as the blood in my veins.

Maybe it was the smell of something

Or the sight of someone’s striped hoodie

Yesterday, someone looked like him In the car next to me.

But I don’t stop.

Neither does the memory.

It keeps moving, living, breathing

Just like he does, somewhere else.

Someday, soon, I hope,

I’ll remember always, to do the one thing

That’s so hard:



One Response to “Against all Odds”

  1. Justin July 17, 2009 at 12:22 am #

    I almost didn’t read this, given my aversion to poetry. Then I realized it was more like prose

    You already know I understand your feelings in this. Though it may be far off, believe me when I say there’s a point at which remembering does not equal automatic pain and uncontrollable rushes of memories. Although it has always remained, for me, at least a dull itch.

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